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Heat Staking

Heat Staking is technology for joining plastic parts by making heads on pins of one joined part. The pin is made right on one of the plastic part. By heating a pin the pin´s head is shaped and immediately cooled down.

General benefits of Heat Staking:
  • Clean technology - there is no dirt (e.g powder) like during ultrasonic welding.
  • To the connection of the parts is not necessary additional components such as screws, rivets, ...
  • Joined parts are loaded by minimal force, there are no vibration nor shocks.
  • Joined parts are under no thermal stress.
  • That´s why the technology is suitable for decorative sensitive parts such as PCB, parts of headlights, parts of appliance, visible caps, etc.
  • Suitable for metalized parts and parts filled with glass or other fillers.
  • Suitable for materials PC, PC-HT, PC/ABS, PMMA, POM, PP, PE, PA.

Advantages of heat staking by Metess heating element:
  • Compact heat staking unit, making it suitable for small parts with high density pins.
  • Heat staking of decorative demanding and sensitive parts such as visual parts or electronic boards.

Heat Staking unit Metess:
  • The heating element is mounted on pneumatic cylinders having a measuring pull in the entire stroke.
  • Unified heating / cooling element, therefore only one spare part.
  • Possibility of any shape of the pin's head.
  • Forming cap of the pin does not stick, so it is not necessary warming (releasing the connection) at check-out of heating element.
  • Heat Staking cycle time 15 – 45s.

Control unit:
  • Freestanding or integrated with the machine control.
  • Color touch screen 5,7".
  • Measurement of the Heat Staking track and PID regulation of the temperature for every single pin.
  • Universal control unit with the possibility of Heat Staking of 8, 12, 16, 20 pins at once.
  • Ready to operate with up to 12 jigs.
  • Setting the parameters of the new product via a touch panel, no need to program the PLC.
  • Design with saving set parameters to the server and back-loading.
  • Design with communication via ModBus TCP.

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