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Equipment on the plasma activation of surfaces

Surface activation with cold atmospheric plasma technology is used to activate the surfaces before bonding, painting, coating, printing or other technology, where it is necessary to increase the surface tension of the treated material. The most common material are plastic, rubber or other materials of organic origin.

General advantages of plasma activation of surface:
  • Inexpensive operation (no need of technical gases).
  • Environmentally friendly operation (no need any chemicals).
  • Activation allowes the use of ecological water-based adhesives, paints, varnishes.
  • Possible activation of complex shaped surfaces using robots.
  • The possibility of process automation (the need to comply with the speed of the burner and the distance from the activated surface).
  • Simple integration to automatic lines (no need to clean rooms, vacuum chambers, ...).

  • Size of equipment: 700 x 400 x 1000 mm (width x depth x height).
  • Weight: 65 kg.
  • Supply net: 1 NPE ~ 50 Hz 230 V / TN-S (single Phase).
  • Wattage: max. 1300 VA.
  • Pressure air: Press 5-10 bar, max. consumption 70 l/min.
  • Generator of voltage: creates el. voltage which is supplied via cable to a stainless steel burner.
  • Cable lenght Burner-Generator: 6 m (on the arragement can be changed).

  • Local steering by a plastic control box with built-in PLC with touch screen. The control box can be mounted on the upper surface of the generator or can be, using the connection cable, put at a distance of 6m from the generator. Built in connector on the upper surface generator is use to the remote control.

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