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Universal assembly machine

Universal assembly machine is a machine into which you can put exchangeable jigs which can be used in various assembly operations with manual assistance.

Technologies that can be placed in universal machine:
  • Heat Staking – joining of plastic part by thermal riveting.
  • Joining of plastic part by stapling.
  • Measuring dimensions of shaped parts.
  • Crimping operation.
  • Screw operations.
  • Leak test.

Technical specifications:
  • Height×width×depth 2700×1000×650 mm.
  • Moving down front cover is able to safely detects a collision with operator and automatically runs up.
  • Movableplates, cylinders f80 (3 000 N), stroke 500 mm.
  • Maximum opening 1000 mm (lower – movable plate).
  • Possibility of locking for higher press force.
  • Pneumatic valves for control of the fixture are part of machine.
  • PLC for control of the fixture is part of machine.
  • Possibility of connection fixture with PLC of machine via I / O or fieldbus.
  • Touch panel 5,7“ at the operator place.

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