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Czech manufacturer and supplier of innovative technologies in industrial automation and mechanization.

Mechanization technology Štencl a Štencl

Company name originated from the words that describe the essence of the company´s activity and name of family. METESS Ltd. is the Czech family company. We design, develop and manufacture and special purpose machines based on individual customer requirements. We specialize in the design and manufacture of products and equipment for plastic joining.

The basis of the team that designs and manufactures jigs and machinery are:

Ing. Antonín Štencl
45 years experience as a designer of railway vehicles, water installations and measuring equipments. In the last 12 years he worked as a designer of jigs and machines for the automotive industry. Co-author of several utility models and patent author.

Ing. Zdeněk Štencl
20 years experience as designer of measuring equipment, jigs and machinery for the automotive industry.

Ing. Jan Kubíček
25 years experience as electro engineer of electrical equipment.

About us in Automobil Industry:
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