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Manual Heat Staking

For manual Heat Staking we supply set of control unit with two attached manual Heat Staking tools. The set is used in prototype workshops for riveting samples and small series. For guidance of manual Heat Staking tool we offer stand with a stroke stop.
Manual heat staking unit comprise control box for connection of two manual heatstaking tools (handle with heated tip).

Manual Heat Staking unit comprise

Control box:
  • Connection of two pneumatic Heat Staking units or two manual Heat Staking tools via electrical and pneumatic connectors.
  • PID regulator of temperature in heated pin.
  • Color touch screen 3,5".
  • Setting of temperature of shaping plastic pin, cooling temperature and maximal time of shaping.
  • Connection to electricity ~230V and pressure air 6 bar.

Manual Heat Staking tool:
  • Two start buttons for any tool hold.
  • Foot pedal as the start button.
  • Lighting of Heat Staked site.
  • On heated tip is screwed shaping cap with shape of head of pin. For different pins you can change this shaping cap.
  • Typical Heat Staking time 20-35s depends on length and diameter of pin.

Stand for manual Heat Staking tool (optional):
  • Stroke of stand 65 mm.
  • Clamping sleeve for the manual Heat Staking gool.
  • Stroke stop.
  • Cooling control on stroke stop.